Tri-layer, washable, reusable, artisan face masks hand-crafted with love in Melbourne, Australia. Free dispatch available for orders over $69 (see our delivery page for full details). 100% carbon-neutral courier and Express post available at check-out.

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Since we make these masks in Victoria, we follow the latest information from the Victorian Government and ensure all of our masks adhere to DHHS advice of layering three layers of breathable fabrics of varying weights. As of midnight Wednesday 22nd of July 2020, face masks are mandatory in Melbourne and Mitchell Shire. 

A mask is just one tool in fighting the spread of the Covid-19. Staying inside, physically distancing and implementing good hand hygiene are the best options, but wearing a mask can also help to slow the spread of the virus in our communities. 

The DHHS have released extensive information about the wearing of face masks.

Please note, we do not make P2 or Surgical Masks. However, even cloth face masks help contain droplets when people cough or sneeze, which reduces the likelihood of spreading the virus. Wearing a mask also discourages you from touching your face. According to Victoria's Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton,"Cloth masks are inexpensive, easy to make and simple to use,". 

So here's how to make your own DIY face masks at home:

Sizing & Fit:

We have a printable size guide** so that you can construct your own paper mask and check the sizing. After a year of making masks for both national and international customers though, we're confident with our standard sizing. If you're at all concerned about sizing and feel you may require some tailoring, please right click to download the sizing image at full size from the bottom of this page. Print to any standard A4 printer, using the 'A4 - Borderless' setting and ensure it fills the entire paper. Follow the instructions to construct.

The Basic Shapleys are all the same size, with the Tailored Shapleys coming in at approx 8mm shorter to the chin and have 3-5mm less fabric on the width too. This means the Basic Shapley is more of a one-size-fits-all design with a little extra fabric tucked snugly under the chin for smaller faces. In most cases, the Tailored Shapley will start 3/4 of the way up the nose bridge, and finish in line with the chin / jaw line. If you require additional or special tailoring, please get in touch with our team via

The Tailored Shapleys also feature the additional tailoring as standard of a hidden filter pocket and nose bridging strip, as well as a premium linen-cotton blend fabric as the layer closest to the face. For the Tailored Shapley styles, we allow 48 hours after order confirmation for you to get in touch with us and provide any tailoring requests. In times of high-demand, we may restrict this option and only provide an extended production timeline. 

Please note, we are not a factory or sweatshop but a lovely team of artists and makers. As such, whilst we all start from the same overall template, there are slight differences in our machines and techniques as well as the fabrics themselves. These differences mean that every mask is unique, which we think adds to the quality. If you are looking instead for a factory-produced solution, we are sure you will find something more suited to your needs elsewhere. Thank you for considering our team of sewists for your sustainable mask purchase. 

Face Mask Washing Instructions:

Fabric face masks should be removed as soon as they become damp and not used again until they have been washed. Make sure you have a second mask that you can switch to between washes. 

1. Remove and throw away any disposable filters from your face mask. 

2. Clean with laundry detergent in a normal wash cycle in a washing machine, or wash and soak thoroughly in a similar disinfectant solution by hand (using a bowl or jar). For prints, cold water is best for initial washes to seal in the fabric dye and preserve colours. 

3. Finally, air-dry your mask (ideally in the sun), and make sure it’s completely dry before using again.

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Stay safe people! And in the imperishable words of Stephen Fry, 'be excellent to each other.'



**Here's the at-home construction template for the Basic Shapley: 

NB: the Tailored Shapley has approx 5-10mm less length under the chin, so simply trim the baseline to construct that style. 

Mask size fit template