Tri-layer, washable, reusable, artisan face masks hand-crafted with love in Melbourne, Australia. Free dispatch available for orders over $69 (see our delivery page for full details). 100% carbon-neutral courier and Express post available at check-out.

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We consider ourselves very lucky indeed to work as a collective with such a lovely bunch of humans. Aside from our core team of sewists, tailors and artists, we have some fabric template cutters, and a local Naarm-based private courier. We also collaborate with a number of wonderful models, illustrators, artists and musicians.

In doing so, we actively seek out a diverse range of people, from all backgrounds and abilities, looking to support especially those who have lost income or are struggling financially due to the pandemic. 

If you have the means, you can support these wonderful artists directly via their pledge, download or patreon pages below, or you can add an 'artists tip' to your order. We have no greedy CEO's running this show, so your contributions will go directly to the artists - no 'commissions' or 'admin fees' or other sneaky skimming conditions. Straight. To. The. Artists. 💪

If you too are struggling, there's still plenty you can do to help our decimated arts and music industries.
Simply by sharing the luuuurve!

  1. Grab one or all of the social handles below, and send some love their way via your favourite social media platform. Like, follow, subscribe. These are truly wonderful humans - you won't regret knowing them. 
  2. Message their handle directly to a mate so they can check them out too. 
  3. Download their music and listen to it while you create / drive / run / try to get to sleep and block out the shamozzle that is the world right now... 
  4. Send the artists a message and tell them their creativity has brightened your day!

These things are all free, and they make our beautiful world go round in the most wonderful way possible.

Our lovely contributing artists at present include but are not limited to (shout out to those who wish to remain anonymous, we love you!): 

Renae Brennen (she / her) 
Musician, Vocalist, Performer

The most goose-bumply, beautiful, enigmatic soul singer to ever grace our ear holes in modern times. As a performing musician, like many others, Renae has lost work for the entirety of Melbourne's lockdowns. Support her here and download her incredible music here. 

Callen McKeon (they / them) 
Artist, Life Model, Drawing Tutor 
@callenmackeon @queerlifedrawing

Striking, with a quiet strength and depth of character. Cal has photo sets available to support their practice and essentials like rent, food and pencils. Use these sets to practice your life drawing and join them @... for an online life class via zoom. Queer inclusive, supportive and safe drawing environment for all. 

Srishti (they / them)
Artist, Model, UMSU Women's Dept officer, Campaigns Lead @itsnotacomplimentmelb
@srxshteax or

Jeswri (he / him) 
Illustrator, Artist, Mural Artist

Miss Penny Drops (she / her) 
Burlesque Performer, Life Model, Vocalist and Social Anarchist rolled into 5ft of sarcasm

Topaz Pauls (she / her) 
Artist, Life Model, Drawing Tutor
@topazpauls and @reconfigure for zoom life drawing

Naomi Wood (she / her)
Model, Poet, Aerialist

If you or someone you know is keen to work with us as a mask model, sewist, or fabric cutting extraordinaire - please don't hesitate to get in touch. We'd love to hear from you! 

We only provide paid contribution opportunities (i.e. we do not offer 'unpaid internships' or unpaid promotion as a form of payment, because, frankly, it is not a form of payment) 👍. 

Thank you so so much for your support. Have an awesome day and don't forget to be kind to your friend: you!